I continue to be surprised how often this question doesn’t come up.

Top 10 Reasons to Syndicate:
{CS = Content Syndication}

1. CS improves SEO (i.e.. back-linking + link-juice…when sites have more PageRank, more SEO value and greater weight in the search engine algorithms).
2. CS increases referring Traffic (i.e.. back-linking + curiosity/go to the source).
3. CS helps to build online and offline relationships (i.e. goodwill, barter, context to have more meaningful relationship discussions).
4. CS helps ensure you get written about with more frequency and possibly in a more high-profile position. (ex. makes it easier / reduces cost for someone else and or increase reason to write about you).
5. CS helps you get potentially critical feedback on quality and or type and treatment of content.
6. When traffic to isn’t big enough – CS could help close sponsorship of content creation (i.e. more eyeballs & or simply brand recognition of syndication site).
7. Fish where the fish are – CS helps you reach harder to get audiences (i.e. eyeballs that are hard to get to come to period or on a regular basis).
8. Any eyeball that sees your content is marketing $ that didn’t have to be spent for that impression.
9. It’s what the big boys do…think Yahoo, YouTube, ESPN, pick your favorite big site.
10. Content is of value to you if and only if people see it.

Love to hear your thoughts for or against any of the above.

Originally posted on: September 9, 2011