If you don’t believe me check out the latest stats on (as of the day of this post):

  • Total identified blogs: 146,219,212
  • New blogs in last 24 hours: 57,620
  • Blog posts indexed in last 24 hours: 987,462

These compelling numbers are dwarfed by the smaller character size cousin known as micro-blogging or status updates popularized by twitter.

  • Twitter now has 106 million users
  • Twitter’s users are doing 55 million tweets per day
  • Twitter is getting 3 billion requests a day, which gives you an idea about how many Tweets are read daily

Unless you’re in your teens, in which case you probably don’t get any of this.  But, will that change when you become an adult?   Seriously, how interesting can micro-blogs be if that is all you learn of a person?  You’ll want to get to know how they think and see the world which is what a blog is better suited for.

So in the end of ends what will our digital death ceremony be?  How much do we die if memories can continue to be fed with our digital imprints… chronological footsteps… diaries… accomplishments… network of friends, family, and colleagues… our digital biography if you will.

What will our digital tombstone be?  Our Facebook page?  Our blog?  Photo albums on Flickr?  Our trail of check-ins on Foursquare?  Our leaderboard stats on Zynga?   A service that archives all the above together in a flip book format?

Death in the digital age is actually a topic of real discussions, as you’ll see here…


It is in my nature to be catchy with subject titles – it is that hard to grab your attention.  In this case the inspiration came from two things: 1) my belief that nothing ever ends – only something new begins; and 2) digital is embedded now in our evolution or more simply part of our survival as a species path.  Also, good for one’s career path (or so i’ve read on other blogs), so best for me to embrace it.  In future posts I’ll question and investigate how much do we need to be digital, when, how, how often, and with whom or what.

But now and to hack a famous line from Shawshank Redemption, ‘Get busy digitizing’, or get busy dyin’ … either way you’ll be onto something new – level up!

Originally posted on: September 9, 2010