Made In Chicago

I’m delighted to have found good partners in the Chicago Reader and  Not only have they executed quickly but, they are also enabling me to experiment in both a physical and soon digital channel.   I give enormous and special thanks to Chicago Reader’s Kristen Davis who without hustle and savvy persuasion, this first event would not have happened…

For the first time, the Chicago Reader is bringing the Made in Chicago Market to life! The Market will feature local Chicago vendors including local art, local food, local beer, local shops, and more. Taking place on Sunday, August 10th, at 400 N. Elizabeth St. (N. Kinzie and Elizabeth) in Chicago the Made in Chicago Market will provide a day of family friendly fun for all ages. Free Admission!

Food and drinks for sale by Goose Island Catering.


Back in 2011 I became motivated to do something in Chicago after learning about my dear friend Kate Sofis’ success in just her first year of launching   SFMade continues to launch new services and has inspired many others to collaborate around urban manufacturing.  SFMade joined forces with Pratt Institute whose had created a large online directory of committed manufacturers to create a now vibrant alliance of members working and collaborating as part of the Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA).

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Then finally early in 2013 some progress was made, again with Kate’s help, with the launch of a ‘Made In Chicago’ event whose purpose was the following…

Design and innovation are essential for our economic future. Yet, it is not sufficient to only design and innovate locally. Manufacturing these creations locally further spurs growth and strengthens the economy. The ‘Made in Chicago’ initiative connects the design and manufacturing communities in the Chicagoland region to ensure what is designed here is also made here.

January 2014 will be the launch of ‘Made in Chicago’, an initiative that will unite talented designers with a vision or an idea for a product, with skilled manufacturers to make it in the Chicago region.

Made in Chicago’ is led by the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) as part of the Urban Manufacturing Alliance’s vision and support from CitiBank Community Development and aligns with the World Business Chicago’s Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs.

“Compared to most other service or retail sectors, manufacturing consistently offers better wages and more benefits for even the most basic job roles, in turn, providing pathways to economic self-sufficiency for individuals with less traditional skills and education.”

“Manufacturers play a critical role in the City’s diversified economy. They provide stable jobs, generate significant export dollars, and produce an extraordinarily diverse range of products.”
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