LatinLounge.TV an entrepreneurial journey

I set out shortly after Google purchased YouTube to figure out how I could turn all my film non-profit and Hispanic Market experience and contacts to more directly support contemporary Latino filmmakers less interested in creating Spanish language and culturally narrow cast content…basically just about anything that was available on Spanish language TV and most of the Hispanic targeted films at that time.

Along the way I learned a ton about IPTV (online video) business having interviewed lots of existing and emerging platforms both web and mobile video start-ups of that time (2006).

All i’m left with is some amazing memories of no-sleep, pitching website owners big and small, pitching filmmakers / content producers, pitching agencies and brands, working with fabulous interns, and lots of tweaking designs, html, too many social media profiles, pdfs, powerpoints, and platform testing as the most vocal (ie. loved) beta tester of my technology platform partner, who now is onto a new fabulous video start-up — checkout  Oh and this lovely logo below my friend Andy Harding made. Logo combined premium video content with premium advertising in a widget that is tracked in real-time.

Best Buy Widget Screen Shot